About Rifftime

Rifftime is an all-encompassing, online music destination. Whether you are an aspiring student of music, a professional musician, just like to dabble, or a simply a music fan, you can do it on Rifftime.

Artists can create and sell their own, quality music products. Whether you spend your time practicing in your garage or performing on a stage, on Rifftime, you can upload video of you doing your thing, original music, and any other content, and pocket 80% of your sales. Then you post your songs, gigs, and photos so your fans can follow you and stay up-to-date.

If you are a not a performer, but simply love music, on Rifftime you can browse, buy, and build a personal library to expand your collections and get exposure to new music trends. Rifftime gives you a “backstage pass” to your favorite artists through lessons, videos, songs, photos, touring information and more.

Mission Statement

An online music community and set of tools for Musicians, Educators, Students, and Fans of music everywhere.