December 27, 2014
8:00 PM

"Unplugged, and Eclectric"

Dale Ockerman

Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, ca, US

This concert will be an unusual one, an "Unplugged" style first set, the group sitting on stools, with a string section, performing beautiful beatles songs without a lot of volume, or electric instruments, lots of harmonies. Then to counter all that subtlety, the group will emerge after an intermission (with guitar raffles benefitting Guitars Not guns) With a scorching set of string and horn enhanced rocking Beatles songs, Selections from solo albums, and even an original in the same vein.

The premier "live" Beatles music band, the WAE differs from the Beatlemania and wigs and phony accents set- by being experienced veteran musicians playing Beatles music with a twist, they do what the Beatles never performed live. They ceased touring in 1966, in San Francisco, and already they were unable to reproduce, and perform certain songs, not enough singers, no piano, no sitar, no orchestra- so the WAE does '65's "Rubber Soul" LP, through the last LP, '69's "Abbey Road", and beyond into solo work like "Live and Let Die", "Imagine", "Maybe Im Amazed", "Isnt it a pity", and not skipping great singles, with horns like "Lady Madonna. The groupss members have played and or recorded professionally with Doobie Brothers, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Zigaboo, Quicksilver, Little River Band, and countless others.

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