April 29, 2016
6:15 PM

WAH! Fest


Dance Brigade's Dance Mission in San Francisco, California, United States

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WAH! Fest, seeks to visibly amplify and widen the IMPACT of women’s work in the arts, while giving back to the community.

30% of ticket sales go directly to support local women's shelters.

WAH! Fest is a platform for DIVERSE women CHOREOGRAPHERS, MUSICIANS and ARTISTS creating contemporary work through a feminist lens, including those who identify on the gender continuum as woman.

The festival emphasizes SF Bay Area artists and features:

9 choreographers selected through a juried panel

*Seda Aybay-Owens/Kybele Dance Theater

*Rebecca Bryant

*Samantha Giron

*Jackie Goneconti, Karla Quintera, Shareen DeRyan

*Pearl Marill

*Morgan True in collaboration with Molly Katzman, Vicky Kapo, Mori Walts

*viv dance company (work by Katie Faulkner)

*Nichele Van Portfleet

*Ayana Yonesaka

PLUS - a new work by CALI & CO dance/Matt EL

1 Site-specific CatCallChoir by Heather Arnett (performed all 3 nights)

9 musicians curated by Matt EL

*Ziva Hadar

*Deborah Crooks

*Ellisa Sun @ Cafe LaBoheme

*Katie Iannitello

*Melissa Lyn

*Lizzie Carr @ Cafe LaBoheme

*Lauren Monheim(CreatureBaby)

*Katya Bitar

*Sin Nombre @ Cafe LaBoheme

3 panel discussions facilitated by Bay Area women arts professionals

*Olive McKeon

*More TBA

2 gallery artist

*Maria Doglio

*Kate Langlois-Bhat

1 Light Designer - Sophia Craven

Please join us for the inaugural year!

Dates: April 29, 30 and May 1, 2016

Time: 7pm & 9pm Fri/Sat, 5pm & 7pm Sun

Place: Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110



Details HERE: www.wahfest.com

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