Bill Cunliffe - Swing feel Price: $2.99

  • Genre: Jazz
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Instrument: Piano


We're talking about the correct way to play jazz 8th notes, not quite straight but not quite straight triplets. The correct offbeat accents and balance between legato and staccato also helps to create a feel that really swings.

Listen to your favorite players to find an eighth note feel that you really dig. Red Garland and Wynton Kelly have a fairly triplet-8th-note feel, which is really swinging. I love Tommy Flanagan, Hank Jones and Sonny Clark in a traditional style that is in-between straight and triplet-8ths, and Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, and Brad Mehldau in a more contemporary idiom. Also check out horn players like Clifford Brown, Kenny Dorham, Stan Getz, and Sonny Rollins (especially his 50's work, which is more 8th-note oriented).