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Title Artist Difficulty Duration Rating Price
Braulio Barrera-Cuban Rhythm Braulio Barrera Intermediate 9:35 $2.99
Toy Lindsay with Janice Maxie Reid-The Production Tony Lindsay Beginner 10:57 $2.99
Robert Kyle - Interacting in a Duo Format Robert Kyle All Levels 6:17 $2.99
Robert Kyle - Diminished Arpeggios over Dom 7th Chords Robert Kyle All Levels 6:00 $2.99
Altissimo "Bullfunk" Brandon Fields All Levels 7:59 $4.99
Robert Kyle - Melodic Minor in Improvisation Robert Kyle All Levels 7:49 $2.99
Braulio Barrera & Christian Pepin-Cuban Rhythm Braulio Barrera Intermediate 9:40 $2.99
Composing Solos Justin Sakogawa Intermediate 7:12 $2.99
Freddy Clarke-Melody and Tap Freddy Clarke Intermediate 3:40 $2.99
Laura Vall - Good Singing Habits Laura Vall All Levels 6:05 $2.99
Laura Vall - Singing With No Breaks Laura Vall All Levels 7:27 $2.99
Laura Vall - Breathing Laura Vall All Levels 6:37 $2.99
Laura Vall - Understanding Your Singing Voice Laura Vall All Levels 10:08 $2.99
Laura Vall - Quick Warm-Ups Laura Vall All Levels 17:22 $2.99
Pat Kelley - Creating Legato Lines Pat Kelley All Levels 7:00 $4.99
Pat Kelley - Minor Triad Workout Pat Kelley All Levels 7:14 $4.99
Rob Mullins - R&B Piano Part 2 Rob Mullins Piano/Keyboard Workshop All Levels 6:25 $4.99
Rob Mullins - R&B Piano Part 1 Rob Mullins Piano/Keyboard Workshop All Levels 7:39 $4.99
Rob Mullins - Rock Piano Soloing Rob Mullins Piano/Keyboard Workshop All Levels 8:13 $4.99
Rob Mullins - Rock Piano Styles Rob Mullins Piano/Keyboard Workshop All Levels 8:31 $4.99
Rob Mullins - Country Piano Rob Mullins Piano/Keyboard Workshop All Levels 8:07 $4.99
Rob Mullins - Combining Major & Minor Blues Scales Rob Mullins Piano/Keyboard Workshop All Levels 7:32 $4.99
Pat Kelley - Major Triad Workout Pat Kelley All Levels 9:32 $4.99
Pat Kelley - Forming altered dom7 chords Pat Kelley Intermediate 7:52 $4.99
Pat Kelley - I, VI, II, V and III, VI, II, V Exercises Pat Kelley Advanced 8:44 $4.99

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