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Title Artist Difficulty Duration Rating Price
Overview Bass.mp4 Rick Cittar Beginner 1:30 Free
Scott Thompson - Having Fun Scott Thompson All Levels 2:42 Free
Mike Shiono - Intro MIchael Shiono All Levels 0:29 Free
Joey Fabian - Overview Joey Fabian Beginner 0:45 Free
Scott Thompson - Overview Scott Thompson Beginner 0:47 Free
Dewayne Pate - Overview Dewayne Pate Beginner 1:07 Free
Joey Fabian - Root-Fifth Connection, Part 1 Joey Fabian Beginner 8:00 $2.99
Joey Fabian - Root-Fifth Connection, Part 2 Joey Fabian Beginner 6:47 $2.99
Joey Fabian - Scale Fragments Joey Fabian Beginner 4:41 $2.99
Dewayne Pate - Back of the Hand Technique Dewayne Pate Advanced 4:59 $2.99
Dewayne Pate - Double Stop Tapping Dewayne Pate Advanced 6:11 $2.99
Dewayne Pate - Chord Applications Dewayne Pate Intermediate 8:00 $2.99
Dewayne Pate Triplet Slapping.mp4 Dewayne Pate Advanced 8:19 $2.99
Dewayne Pate - Single String Tapping Dewayne Pate Intermediate 6:40 $2.99
Dewayne Pate - Diminished Soloing Ideas Dewayne Pate Intermediate 7:39 $2.99
Scott Thompson - Baião Scott Thompson Advanced 9:43 $2.99
Scott Thompson - Maracatu Scott Thompson Advanced 7:53 $2.99
Scott Thompson - Partido Alto Scott Thompson Advanced 8:32 $2.99
Scott Thompson - Samba Funk Scott Thompson Advanced 8:47 $2.99
Scott Thompson - Samba Scott Thompson Advanced 7:23 $2.99
Mike Shiono - Improve your Technique with these Left Hand Exercises MIchael Shiono All Levels 7:31 $2.99
Mike Shiono - Master the Fretboard - Learn All of Your Notes, Arpeggios using only 2 Fingerings! MIchael Shiono All Levels 9:24 $2.99
Mike Shiono - Improve your Theory Chops - Play All MAJOR and MINOR scales in all keys! MIchael Shiono Intermediate 9:28 $2.99
Mike Shiono - Stop "Wiggling your Fingers" and Learn to Play Melodically MIchael Shiono Intermediate 7:49 $2.99
Roberto Vally - Playing Live vs. Studio Roberto Vally All Levels 6:06 $2.99

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