Titanomachy Price: Free



A fascinating word I stumbled on and started

reading about. The events of this Greek myth,

made for the perfect, epic song to narrate.


Before the creation of the world,

there was a ten-year battle

between the titans and the Olympians

The evil titan Kronos, ate, all his children,

save his son Zeus, who was hidden, in a cave,

by his sister-wife Rhea

Upon reaching adult-hood, Zeus freed his

siblings by forcing Kronos to vomit,

from too much mustard, and wine

From Mt. Olympus, Zeus and his brothers

and sister went to war, against the titans,

for control of the universe

Zeus, asked the imprisoned cyclopses and

hundred-handers for help and they gave him

thunder, and lightning, to defeat the titans

The titans were imprisoned,

deep inside the earth

and Zeus, began to rule, as king of the gods