Snorting Headlines(Live) Price: $1.25



Verse 1:

Where is the fire that you see?

Where are the flames you want me to feel?

You are so sure of what you know, that all your systems are at go

What are these words, truth or lies?

How do you judge them in your mind?

Why in this world of blind deceit, how can you believe?

How can you see? Tell me now

Without a doubt, why and how?

Why are you shouting at the world stop and think again


You’re just like a stumbling fool

You’re falling for same game, the same ol' ruse

Wound up like a bull in a bout

Too mad to see you’re just following the blind

Verse 2:

Why can't you see

All these lies?

A spider's web

Catching flies

You’re like a puppet in a play

Dancing on their stage

Take off that collar

Round your neck

You’re not a card

In their deck

You will not learn all that you need

If you keep looking at that screen