Moody Price: $1.25



Verse 1:

I’m digging in, ready for war

Cause I see signs I've seen before

There's no telling what will go down

When Debbie Downers coming around

How should I act, what should I do?

What should I say for this to end?

And once again, just as before

You made another hole in our wall

Why’d you do that?


You’re so moody- lalaa

So moody - lalalala

Your moody- lalaa

Soo moody-lalalala

Verse 2:

What do you know? After the storm

You’re sweet as pie, kisses and all

And only I'm shaking ready to jet

Packing my sh... as fast as I can

You are confused. What did you do?

You just don't get why I'm in a bad mood

Being with you it has been fun

But I think I should start packing a gun

Cause you are just...