Todd Petersen


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    Autoddomy - 2013
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    Recording Autoddomy 2011-2013
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    Autoddomy 2 - 2014
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    Todd Petersen
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    Autoddomy 2 back cover - 2014
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    Autoddomy back cover - 2013


Todd Petersen began listening to music intently with his four brothers in 1977, with their combined purchase of John Williams 'Star Wars' soundtrack. It wasn't until a decade later that he bought his cherry-red, Fender guitar and began creating his own sounds.

His earliest songwriting was all emotional and love songs were the norm. He pursued a career in publishing, and it was at a printer, where he met multi-instrumentalist and accomplished musician Eric Kmiec. On the advice of Kmiec, Petersen began thinking of writing an album to record in Kmiecs home studio.

In 2009 Petersen left the company and two years later he wrote his first song in two decades. "Cakeface" was based on true events, of walking through the lunch room at work one day and confronting a Bob Dylan face cake. He contacted Kmiec and they started recording his debut album Autoddomy, covering different styles and sounds. Autoddomy was released April 16, 2013.

Without the guidance and musical prowess of Kmiec, Petersen then turned to the community, as well as GarageBand, and other collaborators in developing further songs. Autoddomy 2 was released exactly a year later with an additional fourteen songs.

Autoddomy 3 is to be released April 16, 2015 following the trend established with the other two.