Rene Benton


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There aren't many guitarists who possess the versatility as Rene Benton. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, his musical influences ranges from progressive rockers Kansas to the sophisticated funk of the Ohio Players.

After a stint in the Marine Corps, Rene decided to dedicate his energy towards music. Touring extensively throughout the United States and abroad, he has produced an astounding resume which includes Rock and Roll legends, such as Chubby Checker; Pop Star artists, such as Sweden’s Gigi Hamilton, with Warner EMI; and, Columbia Records recording artist - Fishbone, to name a few. More recent performances include collaborations with Tuhran Terrell (keyboardist/Anita Baker), Jerome “Stixx” Davis (drummer/LaFace/Arista recording artist Tony Rich); singer Hunter Gerard (soap opera star/General Hospital); and, Louie Louie (WTG recording artist , chart topping hit “Lap of Luxury”). Rene was also involved with the modern musical Dreamscape; created and performed by Steve Reed, percussionist for fusion jazz legends – The Rippingtons As well recording with Grammy award winning writer Sleepy Brown writer of the Hit by Outkast (I like the way U move) and multiple performance with Grammy award winning bassist for Latin pop star Mark Anthony Mel Brown and Christian Rapcore band Junkyard Prophet and a faction of The Fortunes(UK 70;s group that had the hit ("Here comes that rainy day feelin' Again")

Taking time to record his first full-length release, Rene employed expertise from Troy Johnson, bass; and, the dynamic drumming of Todd Roberson; both backing up the likes of Michael Lee Firkins (Shrapnel records alumni), Stephen Pearcy (former frontman of Ratt); and their own instrumental powerhouse JRZ System. The result was a throttle-filled carpet ride sounding like a fusion between Stevie Wonder and Tony MacAlpine.

Currently set to do solo project with Philip Bynoe (bassist/Steve Vai, Tony MacAlpine, and Mark Boals), and Atma Anur (drummer/Greg Howe, Cacophony , Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker), Al Caldwell(bassist Greg Howe Vanessa Williams) Kelly Conlon (bassist Death, Monstrosity, Azure Emote) Funk legend guitarist Charlie Singleton(Cameo) Odell(Mint Condition) and drummer/producer Paul Vowell(Radioactive Chickenheads, Green Jelly) along with appearances by long time comrades Troy Johnson(bassist JRZ System) among others. Rene also recorded with Belizian Central American superstar Andy Palacio who passed away shortly after those sessions.

Rene Benton

Discography: Expressions, first solo effort, (Floodgate Entertainment Group); Gigi Hamilton (Warner EMI Sweden); DJ Suku (Avex Trax Japan); Wade Martin (JWS Enterprises UK/US); Makala Nikol (SRE Japan); Various Artist (Stonetree Records Belize); Junkyard Prophet (Independent); Stephanie Joy ( Independent). Stone Paxton(Sony Records) Sleepy Brown (Universal Records) Breekay(Independent) Angela Ferrari(Independent). Amore (Independent)

Current Endorsements: , Madison Amplification,Fryette Amplification; Budda pedals; Digitech Corp.; Rocktron Signal Processors; KTS Titanium bridges; KXK Custom Guitars; Seymour Duncan Pickups; NADY Wireless Systems; GHS Strings; Q-Lighting; Morley Pedals; Techstar/Palmer speaker simulators; Voodoo Labs; Digital Music Corp.; Coloriffic Custom Pickguards, Gig-Fx pedals