Ami Molinelli


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    Ami Molinelli with her band, "Grupo Falso Baiano"
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    Ami and the Brazilian tan tam or timba


Ami Molinelli is a professional percussionist and educator specializing in Brazilian and Latin percussion. She has lived nad worked in both Los Angeles and San Francisco as a recording, touring and profesional artist. She is also an educator and gives workshops and has written music curriculum for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Ami is a co-founder and percussionist for Grupo Falso Baiano, a San Francisco Bay Area quartet dedicated to modern Brazilian choro music. Their CDs Viajando: Choro e Jazz (2008), and Simplicidade: Live at Yoshi’s (2010) - featured guest appearances by Jovino Santos Neto, Mike Marshall, Michael Spiro, and Eva Scow among others.

Her extensive performance and recording credits include theater, television (NBC) and live performances with artists such as Luciana Souza, Jai Uttal, Jovino Santos Neto, Hamilton de Holanda, Nilson Matta, Romero Lubambo, Leila Foruhar, George Duke, John Santos and Michael Spiro.