David M Flores


  Title Rating Difficulty Length Price
Intermediate 6:25 $2.99
Intermediate 5:29 $2.99
Intermediate 6:04 $2.99
Intermediate 7:16 $2.99
Intermediate 11:46 $2.99
Beginner 2:45 Free
Intermediate 5:14 $2.99
Intermediate 7:04 $2.99
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David M Flores (born February 21, 1972 in San Jose, California) is a drummer, percussionist and educator known for his adaptability and musicianship. Due to his professionalism and creativity, David finds himself in musical company with an array of great artists from many genres. Raised in the Bay Area, the son of a professional bass player, David’s musical journey began before he started school. When David was four you could find him scrambling through kitchens in search of the right set of pots and pans or following his father to rehearsals and shows. As a student, David engaged his love of music through record players, a “real” garage band, high school and college ensembles. David is recognized for his musical versatility, sensitivity, and groove. His skillfulness to swing Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Calypso, Rhythm and Blues, and odd metered Prog Rock has seen David in music venues from Fresno to Europe, Asia, South and North America and has established him as an in-demand sideman.

Playing both drum-set and hand percussion, David has been hired to play with a diverse list of artists and producers including; Lauryn Hill, Donna Summer, Barbara Dane, Armando Peraza, Orestes Vilato, John Santos, Bobbi Cespedes, Jesus Diaz, Pete Escovedo, Carol Steel, Arturo Sandoval, Larry Harlow, Steve Turre, Melvin Seals, Mickey Hart, Jorge Santana, Jovino Santo-Neto, Ziba Shirazi, Mary Wilson, Greg Landau, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Legally Blynd, Los Mocosos, and Ska Cubano. With enthusiasm and the desire to create music, David is continually inspired to share his musical experience with students. Working with K-12, college students, and adults, David is an educator and co-producer developing curriculums, music performances, and music education programs. His credits include Santa Clara University, the San Jose Jazz Society, Jazz Camp West, the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps, Groove Academy of Drumming, the Vic Firth Educational Team