Jimmy Hobson


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Beginner 1:04 $2.99
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    Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA
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    Drum Room - Marinwest, San Anselmo, CA - Music Production & Teaching Studio
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    Piano Room - Marinwest, San Anselmo, CA - Music Production & Teaching Studio


1955 probably, but for sure within a year or two.. must be. I was a toddler getting started with walking and I was upright - moving fast toward the drums set up for a party going on at our house. I stepped in the pizza. Feeling the squishy feeling I looked down for my foot lost in the giant round mass of color.

This is one of my earliest memories..

Now arriving at my target I crawl/climb up on this stool-seat looking thing just like the other round play things. A sea of natural white on top of hitting & noise making possibility face up at me. The drums belong to one of my fathers best friends and are set up for the jam session taking place at one of the frequent parties in our somewhat hipster household.

Much later I lobbied hard to get those drums. But in the meantime, Christmas 1964, another great friend of the family gave me a Ludwig Pioneer snare drum and a hi hat. Unbelievable! Seven days later on New Years Day the next door neighbor (seeking ear relief) gave me a practice pad.

Leaping ahead now (believe it or not) this story continues... A tale of a moment that matters for a lifetime.