Justin Sakogawa


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Intermediate 9:20 $2.99
Intermediate 11:27 $4.99
Intermediate 14:38 $2.99
Intermediate 9:49 $2.99
Intermediate 10:49 $2.99
Intermediate 6:08 $2.99
All Levels 0:54 Free
Intermediate 7:12 $2.99


Are you ready to shred? If you're looking to strengthen your chops, employ face melting licks and soaring leads while understanding the theory to back it, you've come to the right place! My name is Justin Sakogawa and i'm here to awaken the face-melting shredder in you.

I'm a self taught player who started back in 2003, been teaching since 2005, and gigging since 2008. I knocked my AA music degree back in 2010 and started my career as a professional musician and instructor, all while establishing my band and myself as a guitar player in the metal community. I'm well versed in both 6 and 7 string guitars, as well as 8 strings for today's metal standards. I'm currently in several different bands, but my pride and joy is my band Warscythe. I've been on a handful of west coast tours, and will be shredding nationally and overseas in the near future. If you're done with the lesson books and want some serious firepower, pick up that axe and let's get to work.